Backlit Signs for The Addams Family Pinball (Complete Pack)
Backlit Signs for The Addams Family Pinball (Complete Pack)
Backlit Signs for The Addams Family Pinball (Complete Pack)
Backlit Signs for The Addams Family Pinball (Complete Pack)
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Backlit Signs for The Addams Family Pinball (Complete Pack)

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Bally's The Addams Family is the most popular pinball machine ever made and a coveted classic. Unfortunately several important playfield features are let down by boring and dated-looking lamps with plastic covers and no artwork.

"Just what we've been searching for!"

Loop Combo's Backlit Signs Set is an Addams Family pinball mod that dramatically improves the game and livens the theme across the entire playfield with the addition of striking hand-made backlit signs to replace each of the indicator lamps on the Thing Ramp, Vault and Electric Chair. 

True to the original game artwork

We feel strongly about honoring the vision of the original artist so that any mods feel like they could have been there from day one. Each of the Backlit Signs features designs that accurately reference existing artwork. 

A mod that meaningfully improves gameplay

Strong visual cues help newcomers understand the game more easily. This mod makes obvious the connection between the various lights and game features. It is now more clear and visually satisfying when you've got the locks lit or when you've qualified the 'Thing Bonus', for example.

Completely reversible

The signs mount sturdily onto existing playfield posts near the lamps so they only take a few minutes to install — just remove a few lock nuts. You can also use washers of your choice if you are concerned about damaging any plastics. 


This mod must be used with flex LEDs to direct the light towards the signs. White or coloured LEDs are equally suitable. If do not have, or don't want to source your own, flex LEDs we sell a set of Comet Flex LEDs to make it easy for you. These are not included. If you need them, simply add them to your cart before you check out.

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Price is for the full set of four signs.