Loop Combo products come with a standard one year warranty. The warranty is transferred to any subsequent owners within this one year period, however the name of the original purchaser must be quoted in order to prove the purchase date of the product.

The Loop Combo warranty covers failure from typical casual use in a non commercial environment. Warranty does not cover commercial use of the product. Loop Combo mods are of high quality construction but are optimised for aesthetic value, not high volume location play (i.e, wire brackets have a minimal mounting surface in order to not obscure backlit artwork).

The warranty does not cover damage from air ball impacts or from improper installation or adjustment by the owner. 

If you wish to adjust the specific angle and position of any Backlit Signs you may do so by bending the wire brackets with pliers. Do not apply force to the signs directly as the mountings may snap and warranty will be voided.

Signs are press-fit onto wire brackets and may work themselves loose over time. If signs continue to come loose from the wire brackets, a quality two-part epoxy (preferably clear so as not to interfere with backlighting) can be used to prevent further issues.

If you experience issues with your product beyond this one year warranty, please do get in touch. We always want to learn about what may have gone awry and we may still be able to help you out.