When will my order arrive?

Loop Combo is based in New Zealand. Shipping is typically 2–3 weeks to UK, Europe and North America. Times differ to other parts of the world. Faster tracked shipping option is available. For more info see our Shipping page.

Do Loop Combo products come with a warranty?

We stand by the quality of our products and believe in good old fashioned Kiwi customer service. Our products have a standard one year warranty, but if you have any issues we'll look after you. For more info visit our Warranty page.

I love the concept! Can Loop Combo make a Feature Light Sign mod for this other pinball machine I own?

Absolutely! We're always keen to hear from customers what games they thing will benefit from our unique pinball mod concept. Get in touch to let us know :)

I'd like to adjust the angle and position of my Feature Light Signs, can I do this without breaking them?

If you wish to adjust the specific angle and position of any signs you can bend the wire brackets with pliers. Do not apply force to the signs directly as the mountings may snap and you will void your warranty.

Why do my Feature Light Signs have a scratched, hazy look to them?

Feature Light Signs ship with the factory peel-off protective layer on the surface of the acrylic. Simply peel this off :)

One of the signs has fallen off it's bracket. What can I do?

Firstly, remove the wire bracket from the playfield and try inserting it back into the rear of the sign. If it still has a tight fit, hammer it gently in with a mallet. It will last a while again before it works itself loose.

If it no longer fits snugly or works itself loose too soon, simply glue it into place with a small amount of two-part epoxy glue such as JB Weld.